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Nov 29, 2009 8:30am EST
killers or murders and could have done considerable damage to barack obama or joe biden. barack obama is the last person you want to be taking chances with because threats against him are up some 400% since he became president compared to when bush was president. >> the pair claims they are part of an upcoming reality show called the real housewives to washington. we made calls to bravo to see if they are on the show. an attorney said to represent the couple says on their facebook page that they were invited. >>> d.c. mayor adrian fenty could face a tough fight to win a second term in office according to a new poll. 53% of voters surveyed said they'd like to see somebody new elected d.c. mayor. bruce johnson has been study the poll numbers and files this result. >> reporter: he has $3 million in the campaign war chest. it is a poll but the nonpartisan group is collect mayor fenty will need every dime to win a second term. 43% d.c. voters approve of the job he's doing. 49% disapprove. >> it means he has his work cut out for him if he wants to be reelected. he has the time and resource.
Nov 1, 2009 8:30am EST
that president obama would be traveling to and in a memorial service. had they known about that, the review concludes the unit would have rescheduled the ecuresis. ecuresis. >> exercise. >> pilots fatigue might have played a role and there were some communications problems involving air traffic controllers. four people died in that crash. >>> car accident in fairfax has four little girls orphaned. now, family members are working to piece their fragile lives back together, again. information every parent would want to hear. >> they are going to be missed in a way that we can tangiblebly be put into words. >> reporter: in a split second, four young girls lost their mother and father on a parkway saturday night. 47-year-old michael merrill and his wife, jeannie, three after their girls in an s.u.v., when several cars crashed into them, killing the parents. >> i don't think people are really ready for both parents. you know? that's tough. >> reporter: this attorney said their tragedy serves as a remind tore have your end of life issues done sooner than later. >> no one knows one god is going to
Nov 22, 2009 8:30am EST
to congressional democrats. >> president obama has inherited a problem and 2010 will be his reckoning. >> unemployment is the biggest single issue. bigger than health care and bigger than the war in afghanistan. >> the president announced a jobs summit. >> to encourage job creation in this country. >> reporter: and the democrats who run congress want a job's plan by the end of the year. >> people are mad next year about how things are going with the economy. it is democrats who are likely to be blamed. >> expect a major push in the coming weeks to avoid judgments like this one about workers like joshua. joshua has been screwed by this democratic administration. >> thanks to gary nuremberg. to avoid that reckoning, they're hope to go come up with legislation that will kick in before next year's election. >>> no budget can be approved until congress says it is okay. local elected leaders want to change that. he went to the hill to make their case. d.c. council chair vincent gray was counted on to sway members of congress. as bruce johnson said it was a good and bad day for gray on the h
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3